About me

I decided that my website should have an "about me" section, but I struggled to decide what to put in it seen as though people could be looking at it for various reasons. So I've put in a general mixture of everything.


I was born and raised in High Wycombe, a medium sized town in the UK. Despite the fact that it's had its fair share of bad press, including being voted the 9th worst place to live in England, there are some surprisingly nice parts if you know where to look! I spend most of my spare time playing trumpet in as many groups as I can (see Music), and fill the remaining gaps with reading, coding or hanging out with friends. I'm not incredibly sporty, but I ski, sail and climb from time to time.


RGS & Cambridge

I received my secondary education at The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe, where for A-level I studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, along with a couple of others. In 2012 I became an undergraduate at Selwyn College, Cambridge studying Engineering. This is a four-year course, with a broad first two years covering all engineering disciplines. Topics covered include:

Out of these I decided to specialise in Civil and Structural Engineering, a subject I am very passionate about (see Structural Engineering above).


I spent the third year of my degree at MIT in Boston, having been awarded a scholarship and a place on an exchange program. This was a truly fantastic experience for which I am very grateful. The university has an extensive catalogue of courses available, from which I was able to select a wide range of interesting classes:

Being at MIT also exposed me to a wide range of other great opportunities.


During the second semester of my year abroad at MIT I undertook a UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project) with Caitlin Mueller investigating new computational ways explore structural systems.

Collier Memorial

Throughout my time at MIT I helped with the memorial to Sean Collier, the MIT police office tragically killed in the aftermath of the Boston Bombings.

IASS Pavilion

I helped design and construct a structural engineering art exhibition piece for the 2015 IASS in Amsterdam. This team was headed by Caitlin Mueller and contained several members of MIT's Building Technology Group

Please visit the projects section of my website for more information!


Professional Experience

I have completed four work placements in the London office of the structural engineering firm Robert Bird. I did 2 weeks in spring 2013, 6 weeks in summer 2013, and 7 weeks in summer 2014 with their Buildings department, and then 7 weeks in summer 2015 with their Advanced Technical Services department.

Other Skills

Over the years I've acquired several "skills", but most would look out of place written here. Therefore I have listed a selection of interesting ones below:

For a more professional and relevant list of skills please see my CV / Resumé below. Or for a more relaxed chat feel free to get in touch and we can go to a pub!

CV / Resumé

Coming soon!