Welcome to my projects page! Please browse below for more information about projects I have been involved with. This includes both individual and team projects.

Website Current

I decided to make myself a website (this website) for several reasons. Firstly I wanted to learn how to as I had never delved into the world of web development before. Secondly I was interested in creating an interactive online scrapbook to document places I've been.


During the second semester of my year abroad at MIT I undertook a UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project) with Caitlin Mueller investigating new computational ways explore structural systems.

Collier Memorial Past

Throughout my time at MIT I helped with the memorial to Sean Collier, the MIT police office tragically killed in the aftermath of the Boston Bombings.

IASS 2015 Pavilion Past

I helped design and construct a structural engineering art exhibition piece for the 2015 IASS in Amsterdam. This team was headed by Caitlin Mueller and contained several members of MIT's Building Technology Group